On-Board Sprinter (& Getting There)

It is recommended that you book a reservation ahead of time to guarantee your accommodation on the regularly scheduled sailings. Additionally, it is best to check-in online and obtain your boarding pass ahead of time. You do not need to print out your boarding pass; it can be scanned directly from your mobile device. If your mobile device malfunctions, you can present your ID at the terminal and receive a printed copy of your boarding pass.

There is no fee or charge for passenger luggage for regularly scheduled sailings, but it is limited to what a person can practically carry or drag down a street by him or herself at one time. Passengers may have on their person small items that they can contain to their personal space while onboard. Other luggage must be checked in and will be loaded into the cargo hold of the vessel during the sailing. Checked in luggage is tagged with barcoded tags that are assigned to the itinerary ID and scanned on and off the vessel. Luggage is available within a few minutes of docking for collection. When traveling on a round trip itinerary, passengers may leave the barcoded tag on their luggage, and it can be reused for the return portion of the itinerary.

Caribbean Sprinter sails boats with passenger capacities ranging from 60 to 110 passengers. All vessels have at least two motors and are designed with V-shaped hulls to ensure the smoothest ride possible under any given conditions.

Early mornings are usually the smoothest ride because the water is typically calmest then; however, even in choppy waters the ride is comfortable. For passengers who are prone to seasickness, there are a few seats available on the top deck near the helm of the vessel with open air and a clear view of the horizon. Additionally, land masses can be observed during the entire duration of the sailings.

All vessels are equipped with typical US Coast Guard approved life preservers, extinguishers and other safety equipment that is tested regularly to ensure efficacy. The water depth enroute is between three and four feet just outside the channel and the water temperature is warm. Caribbean Sprinter has never had an incurrence of a vessel sinking or passengers becoming submerged in water.

Eating meals, consuming large amounts of alcohol, or smoking combustion cigarettes is not allowed onboard during regular scheduled sailings. If you wish to vape while onboard, we encourage you to sit on the upper deck in the open air.

Caribbean Sprinter understands that many pet parents travel with their pets from time-to-time. Our pet policy is not official, and largely is one of consideration to other passengers. Caribbean Sprinter does not restrict the passage of service animals with those whom they are assisting. You may reach out to customer service if you have questions about traveling with your pet on our regularly scheduled sailings. Customer Service, for the comfort of your pet and other passengers, will locate a sailing for you that has fewer scheduled guests; these are typically the early morning sailings from the islands, and mid-afternoon sailings from Belize City.

Despite the current American president declaring that COVID-19 is over, Caribbean Sprinter still sanitizes the vessels in between sailings. A mask is not required on terminal premises or while on-board the vessels, but feel free to use a mask or other face covering for your own comfort. There is some antiquated rule about not wearing gang colors, so if you choose a bandana as a face covering, please do some research to ensure you are not inadvertently illuding to gang membership.